Who We Help
The LeMay Foundation helps widows and widowers of all Air Force Retirees, both officers and enlisted, through financial grants of assistance. These spouses spend much of their lives coping with the difficulties of military life, and supporting their spouses through years of active duty. We provide assistance for as long as it is required. We have several spouses who have been receiving monthly checks for over fifteen years. We also help them with a specific need they may be facing, in a single disbursement. We do not offer loans. All funds given are considered grants.​​

Why We Do It

Because we all believe that military spouses are entitled to a decent standard of living, entitled to live with dignity, and entitled to be proud of their service. We consider it to be a privilege to be a part of this noble endeavor.


Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign
  1. Joanne W.
    Joanne W.
    My quality of life improved, I can hear the Television better. Wonderful organization, I could not of had my hearing aids if it wasn’t for the Foundation. ” -Joanne W. AFEV Resident Mrs. Williams currently resides in Air Force Enlisted Village in Shalimar, FL (AFEV). AFEV is on the four affiliates of Air Force Assistance Fund.
  2. Did you know...
    General LeMay led The Strategic Air Command for almost 9 years.
  3. Did you know.....
    Several spouses have been receiving assistance for over fifteen years.
  4. Mrs. Billie H.
    Mrs. Billie H.
    “When life takes a toll and especially takes your spouse who has served his or her county in the Air Force, and you are left with little or no means of support, there is the LeMay Foundation who was organized to assist widows in their time of need. The Organization was recommended to us after our mom’s husband passed suddenly and her needs were immediate and significant, especially since her health was declining. As a grateful recipient of those benevolent financial funds, mom would be the first to refer another widow to seek assistance. The level of care she has received since 2010 has been what has sustained her to the age of 95, despite having Alzheimer’s disease and requiring care 24/7. The LeMay Foundation was and is an answer to prayer." Rebecca A., Daughter of Mrs. Billie H.