Who We Help

The LeMay Foundation helps widows of all Air Force Retirees, both officers and enlisted, through financial grants of assistance. These widows spend much of their lives coping with the dificulties of military life, and supporting their spouses through years of active duty. We are not interested in why they need help, only that they need it. We provide assistance for as long as it is required. We have several widows who have been receiving monthly checks for over six years. We also help Air Force widows with a specific need they may be facing, in a single disbursement. We do not offer loans. All funds disbursed are considered grants.

Why We Do It

Because we all believe that military spouses are entitled to a decent standard of living, entitled to live with dignity, and entitled to be proud of their service. We consider it to be a priveledge to be a part of this noble endeavor.

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